Tony’s Story

Tony* was desperate with nowhere else to turn. He was staying at a Salvation Army hostel whilst looking for work and somewhere to live.

Tony recently returned to the UK after working as an overseas rep for Thomas Cook. Before he left the UK he got caught up with payday loans which left him with a mounting debt and unfortunately he lost his flat. 

Whilst we could not help with paying off any debts, we directed Tony to StepChange who could give him professional debt advice and put a financial plan in place.

Tony advised us he had no suitable clothes or shoes to wear to job interviews. ABTA LifeLine sent Tony a voucher for £150 in order for him to get the clothing he needed and any other essentials.

We were delighted to hear from Tony soon afterwards that he has found a new job and a new flat.


*Name changed to protect applicant's identity. Photo from istock.