Ganaya’s Story

Ganaya was born at 32 weeks and became critically ill after five days. The first year of Ganaya’s life was a rollercoaster for her parents. After three major operations and multiple hospital stays, she was finally allowed home in 2010 aged one.

In 2011 Ganaya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. CP is a condition that affects muscle control and movement, and for Ganaya this has meant she is unable to stand or walk unaided and needs intensive physiotherapy on a daily basis.

This is very limited on the NHS and her parents found a specialist centre nearby. Ganaya’s parents found themselves struggling to manage their day to day finances and have enough on top of this to fund the essential physiotherapy. Her father works for TUI as a pensions administrator and her mother is her carer. 

They applied to ABTA LifeLine for help with funding these much needed sessions after witnessing the huge improvements Ganaya has made with her walking.

We were able to step in and fund six months of physiotherapy twice a week.

Ganaya’s mother said;

“The funding that we have received from ABTA LifeLine puts our minds at peace as we can carry on with Ganaya's much needed physiotherapy which we know will help Ganaya get even stronger and more confident”