Claire’s Story

Claire* has worked in the travel industry for the majority of her career, most recently for one of the world’s leading tour operators. 

In June 2013 Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer was caught early and after an operation to remove the tumour and a bout of chemotherapy, she made a good recovery and soon returned back to work.

Unfortunately a year later, after returning for a check-up, she received the devastating news that she had developed secondary cancer of the liver.

Thoughts immediately turned to her two young children. But instead of crumbling, Claire together with the love and support of her family found a strength and determination to fight.

ABTA LifeLine’s board of trustees wanted to do something special for the family and so sent them on a weekend away to spend some quality time together before Claire's operation to remove the tumours on her liver.

During these 12 months the family’s finances were severely stretched. ABTA LifeLine was able to step in and give financial aid whilst Claire was unable to work. The help that the charity gave allowed the family to retain somewhat of a normal routine as Claire focused on recovery.

“ABTA LifeLine from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much. You have provided a much needed ray of sunshine at a very dark time in our lives”


*Photo from istock

*Name changed to protect applicant's identity