‘Pull for your LifeLine’ Clay Pigeon Shoot 2017

Charlotte Mulvanerty -

With wellies on our feet and protectors in our ears, Thursday 27th April saw ABTA LifeLine take to the stands once again to shoot some clays. Our ever popular Clay Pigeon Shoot was a hit as always, with everyone enjoying themselves whilst raising much needed funds for travel colleagues in need.

We were lucky enough to be joined by a whole host of ABTA Members, Partners, colleagues, clients, family and friends at the top class Royal Berkshire Shooting School in Pangbourne. With everyone put into ten teams including the What A Load Of Traps, The Clay Busters and the Holy Traps, we fuelled up on breakfast before heading onto the first of the six stands.

Each stand had a professional instructor to show us the ropes, with some of us needing a bit more guidance than others. With scatterings of black, pink and yellow clays all around, it was clear that everyone was after the winning rosettes. With competition on everyone’s minds, it was great to see all teams getting along, but of course with their tactics being kept exclusively for team members.

Sixty cartridges down everyone was eager to find out the winners – The Von Trapps (Mark Caldicott - WhiteHart Associates, Carl Palmer – Camps International Group Ltd & Simon Claxton – Macbeth Financial Services Ltd) were happy with their accreditation of Top Team, even with being one shooter short. Then came the news that Claire Mulligan (Kennedy’s Law) and Stuart Bird (Touchstone Underwriting) were our Leading Lady and Top Gun.

We all then headed to the Miller of Mansfield where we filled their restaurant with laughter and chat, whilst enjoying a lovely 2 course meal. Dessert was finished, friends were made and it was time to head home.

Thank you to everyone who ‘Pulled for their LifeLine,’ for your wonderful company throughout the day and support of our fabulous charity. We hope to see you next year.

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