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Izzie O'Riordan -

As most of you know, Bridget Keevil, TravelStop founder and owner, is about to take on one of the toughest challenges there is, the Round the World Clipper Race.

Let’s just put it into perspective, more people have climbed Everest than circumnavigated the world.

As well as this being an almighty personal challenge, Bridget has decided to use her journey to raise funds and awareness for ABTA LifeLine.

Bridget’s target to raise £5,000 reached the halfway point at the weekend when she held a ‘Bon Voyage’ party for her family, friends and travel industry colleagues. It was lovely to meet all of Bridget’s supporters and the generosity shown by her nearest and dearest, and the travel industry as a whole, was overwhelming. A huge number of people donated prizes and over £1750 was raised in an auction and raffle - not bad for a Sunday afternoon in the rain!

And then with just a few days to go, we got to visit DaNang herself, the boat that Bridget will be calling home for the next 11 months. The sight at St Katherine’s docks, with the sun shining on the sails of all 12 Clipper yachts, was rather special…

After meeting some of Bridget’s lovely crewmembers and admiring the DaNang deck, we ventured below to inspect the living quarters. Let’s just say 22 crew on board for the first leg will be a little like the Jubilee Line in rush hour, however, unlike the underground, you can’t just escape when you reach your stop. And instead of taking 6 minutes to your destination, it is going to take 5 weeks…and then some!

The respect and admiration we already had for Bridget was trebled when faced with the realities of life at sea for 11 months…and that was in the glorious sunny setting of St Katherine’s docks, not halfway to Rio which will be the first leg of Bridget’s Journey.

Her positive attitude and enthusiasm radiated and we have no doubt that Bridget will have every success with this extraordinary challenge. To keep up to date with her journey, follow Bridget's blog The Fat Bird and the Boat.

For those of you who haven’t yet donated, please take a moment to read Bridget’s story and spare whatever you can to keep her motivated on this amazing race! 

Donate to Bridget here

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  • I shall be cycling, close by Danang Veitnam and the other ships, when you get close to the River Thames.July 29th, I cycle from Ipswich to London, I’m trying to raise my money for Abtalife line because,they need more for little Charlie aged five for a better home.Plus for all your other people you help.Plus to help me in my self asteam and confidence.I have booked my hostel at Dover Castle Hostel, London, in a dormitory of 11 other people.
    I’m getting my bike ready with The bicycle Doctor in Ipswich.
    Plus am getting help with BBC Radio Suffolk and BBC Radio Essex.Maybe Heart fm too, Capital fm.
    Shall keep in touch.
    Yours sincerely

    Mr Steven Keevil

    Mr Steven Robert Keevil

  • I was searching for something like this for quite a long time and at last I’ve found it on your blog. It was definitely interesting for me.

    kate john