About us

ABTA LifeLine is ABTA’s charitable trust. Previously called the ABTA Benevolent Fund, it was set up to help people in the travel industry when they need it the most.

Our vision is that everyone in the ABTA family has somewhere to turn in times of personal crisis. We want to make sure you know what sort of help is there for you and how you can access it.

No one ever quite knows what’s around the next corner, and sometimes we all need a helping hand. But one thing is certain; whatever life throws at you, ABTA LifeLine is there to provide support for you and your family. We award grants to help with the big things to the little things. From financial support and disability funding, to property repairs and back to work initiatives,  our ‘lifeline’ reaches far and wide.

Take a look at our fact sheets in the ‘Need Our Help?’ section and see how we may be able to help you.